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Redefining the concept of the seven deadly sins

seven deadly sins
seven deadly sins


The New seven deadly Sins


Jose de Carvalho



Before the interesting part I am first compelled to offer some theological comments. 

This post does not imply an endorsement of the Roman Catholic teaching that sins can be put into two categories: ‘venial’ and ‘mortal’.

In Roman Catholic teaching, a ‘venial’ sin can be forgiven but a mortal sin causes spiritual death and cannot be forgiven; it excludes people from the kingdom of God. 

According to my interpertation of scripture all sins are ‘mortal’, even the smallest sin makes us legally guilty before God and worthy of eternal punishment. Yet even the most serious sins are forgiven when one comes to Christ for salvation, thus in this sense all sins are ‘venial’.

Redefining the concept of sin

 The Vatican’s’ Apostolic Penitentiary, which decides on matters of conscience and grants absolutions, decided that the seven deadly sins need to be updated to reflect changes in society. The original sins were:

Envy, pride, lust, gluttony, anger, greed and sloth, as laid down by Pope Gregory in the 16th century, were now revised for the 21st-century. The seven new sins that were identified are:

Genetic modification, experiments on human beings, pollution, acts that cause social injustice, taking drugs, causing poverty and obscene wealth. 

The church stated that the ‘new’ sins identified were the application of Catholic moral principles in a changing world and did not change the original sins as not sins.