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The ‘Nephilim’ Biblical Giants

The attached astonishing photos from an archaeological
discovery in Greece furnish the proof of the existence of the giants spoken of
in biblical times!!!












Although the site is an hoax it nevertheless serves as a good introduction to a discussion on biblical giants. The first biblical account  dates back to Genesis Chapter 6 verse 4.

There is controversy surrounding the origin of these giants or “Nephilim”. The origin of the controversy lies within Genesis 6:2, “Sons of  God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose” (NKJV).  This verse gave rise to the interpretive view that “sons of God” is referring to angels. This is fraught with interpretive difficulties, but according to some it seems the most likely. It serves to reinforce the pre-flood evil in the world, for God abhors interbreeding of unlike species (v.5).

It is my opinion that although intermarriage between angels and human beings, though commonly mentioned in ancient mythologies, are surely excluded by the very nature of the created order.

There is nothing in the text of Genesis 6:2 that indicates that “sons of God” should be interpreted as angels – unlike Job 1:6 where it fits  within the context of the chapter.  The context of Genesis 6:2 fits more likely within the context of Deut. 14:1 where the “sons of God” is referring to the “children of the Lord God”. Genesis 6:1-4 is more likely to refer to “sons of God”, meaning followers of God, as found in Genesis 4:6 where “men began to call upon the name of the Lord”, marking the beginning of Seth’s line. The purpose of this narrative seems to trace the parallel development of the Godly line (“sons of God”) in contrast with Cain’s godless descendants, referred to as “daughters of men”, and the two lines intermarrying. My conclusion is therefore that the giants were not the offspring of intermarriage between angels and humans, but rather that Moses is referring to intermarriage between Godly sons and ungodly wives.