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In this scientific age, how can any intelligent person believe in miracles?

The four of the most frequently made objections to Christianity part 3


        Jose de Carvalho

Before the modern era miracles were viewed as contributing to the proof that Jesus was God incarnate, now the objections have led to the reversal of their status. Now instead of citing miracles in defence of the Christian faith, they have to be defended. Before going further, what is a miracle? We may define it as follows according to Grudem (1994:355) “A miracle is a less common kind of God’s activity in which He arouses people’s awe and wonder and bears witness to Himself.” I believe it defies science thus not very popular! 

I think the issue is not whether miracles are still possible today or whether the scientific and medical age has explained them away, or even how intelligent people can believe in miracles?  But the question should be are miracles possible? If yes, then is there historical evidence?

Scripture clearly provides evidence for miracles. I investigate the topic from the point of view “the case for Jesus’ miracles” and categorize the miracles into three groupings: healings, exorcisms and nature miracles. I not only argue from the point that Scripture is trustworthy and that it is reliable and historically documented but also that it is attested by witnesses in multiple sources – including hostile sources, the strongest kind of evidence. Mark 3:22 states that even His opponents did not challenge the claim that powers of healing flowed through Him…they just claimed that His powers came from the lord of evil spirits, thereby admitting to the supernatural nature of the events. I draw a preliminary conclusion here, “Jesus exorcisms (Mark 1: 25) and healings (Mark 2:10-12) are virtually indisputable”. The same support and conclusion applies to nature miracles. Jesus raised people from the dead (Mark 5:39) and His own resurrection being the supreme miracle (Matt 28:11-15). 

The case for the scientific age is that allegedly we don’t see the same miracles today. Is it science or lack of faith? Or are we just looking in the wrong places. Would medical science be able to explain His miracles away? The medical fraternity at large tries to explain miracles away by ‘faith healing’, in the New Age sense of the word. The problem is that in the gospels not all miracles were dependent on the person exercising faith; certainly not the nature miracles (raising the dead) or exorcisms (Garsenes demoniac – Luke 8:26) nor healings like when Jesus healed the servant of the centurion, without going near the centurion’s house (Matt 8:8). Jesus healed like no other, certainly not like modern faith healers from all fraternities; He healed all, instantly, because He is God. 

There is so much extra Biblical evidence clearly in favour of Jesus as Lord. Some people, however, reject this clear evidence because of the moral implications involved. They don’t want to face up to the responsibility or the implications of calling Him Lord”, it does not make it any less true thought!