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Science vs Theology

Science vs Theology


Jose de Carvalho

A commentary on a documentary on National Geographic

Ten plagues of the Bible

The ten plagues of the Bible have captured and continue to capture human imagination. I have previously posted articles on these events (a pilgrimage that adds meaning to life). There are always new scientific discoveries that may provide reasonable reasons for the ten plagues. There are several theories for natural ecological disasters, volcano eruptions and radical climate changes as plausible scientific reasons for the plagues.  Fact is the Biblical account continues to puzzle scientists.

The institute (Leibniz institute for water ecology and inland fisheries, Berlin) has linked the first six plagues as biologically, a domino effect reaction in the ecological system.

First plague: Water to blood – Exodus 7:17

Allegedly this is not an epic plague from God, but a microscopic plague from nature, started by a common infestation of poisonous algae that turns red as it dies.

Second plague: Frogs – Exodus 8:2

The process of the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog takes weeks but in the event of stress due to lack of oxygen (from the algae mentioned above), hormones are released that evolve the process rapidly to a couple of days.

Third plague: Lice – Exodus 8:16 and forth plague: Flies – Exodus 8:21

With the fish and frogs dying due to lack of oxygen in the water (as mentioned above) the two natural predators of insects were out of the way, leading to an exponential multiplication of lice, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

Fifth plague: Livestock Diseases – Exodus 9:3

The increased number of insects carried numerous diseases to the animals

Six plague: Human diseases – Exodus 9:9

The next logical step in the biological chain is transfer of diseases from animals to humans just leading to an epidemic outbreak.

It appears that the events that puzzled scientists up to now have been resolved.

So I am asking myself how did Moses know that it was going to start, never mind the sequence of events but also the speed of ecological developments by predicting the next plague and the timing of it?

The Heidelberg academy has some groundbreaking theories for the interconnection of the events. Radical climate change!A dry period with high winds set off a natural chain reaction over hundreds of years. The high winds deposited dirt and sand into the Nile, stagnating the waters. The stagnant waters led to the toxic algae, frogs, mosquitoes and all the other biological consequences.

Let us not depart from the moral of the story; it was about the delivery of God’s people from bondage in Egypt (Exodus 7:5). What method God used to accomplish His purpose is not important, what is important is the fact that He controls nature, as the creator, and He set His people free supernaturally. That is the meaning of the story the rest is semantics.

The next post on the 15th of Oct. will go through the next four plagues