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Christmas Celebrations



 Christmas Celebrations 


Jose de Carvalho 

I was toying with the idea of posting on whether Christians should celebrate Christmas or not, but there are so many articles on this that I think it has beenbeaten to death. I fall into the category of people that have become disappointed with Christmas as a whole, to the point that I am not wiling to celebrate at all.

This article is a journal of my thoughts.  

I have heard all the reasons for denouncing Christmas and all the Biblical quotes (usually used totally out of context) and all the concerns of well meaning believers and concerned friends with the commercialisation and materialization of the season. The real meaning has been lost, they say; the story of Christmas has been forgotten; the birthday Boy rejected or ignored. Anyway, fact it is not even certain that the Lord was born on this day. It is all traditions and pagan (Including the tree and presents) rituals I say!   

I agree and sympathize. What I am wrestling with is what conclusion I should come to. Considering that scripture does not clearly rule one way or another, this falls under debatable secondary matters. Therefore:   

  • Don’t judge those who celebrate or vice versa 
  • Everyone must decide for themselves and be ruled by his or her conscience.  

To make matters worse the celebrations have generally become all about food (gluttony), drinking (drunkenness) and expensive presents (idolatry) all of which contradicts the nature of Christ.   

In the last couple of years I have not put up a Christmas tree. Well this year I’ve decided to purchase a fibre optical version that lights up beautifully with a full array of decorations. It is complete with an angel to announce the birth of Christ, a nativity scene to remind me of the humbleness of Jesus birth, bells to ring out the joyous news that Christ was born, candles to remind me that Christ is the Light of the world, a star placed on the top of the Christmas tree to remember the Star of Bethlehem, and gifts to remind me of the gifts of the Magi to Jesus and some decorative balls (well they’re just pretty!). I am so looking forward to Christmas day when, with the family of Christ, we will celebrate His birth through carols and a Scriptural reading of the Christmas story.   

A decision is emerging. The question is not, “am I going to celebrate Christmas”, but rather “how am I going to celebrate Christmas?” Let’s celebrate Christmas! Let the joy of the season show in our your lives, teaching our families the significance of Jesus’ birth and make Godly Christmas traditions meaningful in our homes. 

If you have concerns, cut out the traditional elements that offend you. Divorce yourself from religious undertones that are controversial, but keep Biblical traditional elements and spend time reflecting on the birth of the Saviour.   

If you need clarification on any of the elements of Christmas traditions, historicity or pagan origins, feel free to post the question and I will promptly respond.   

Merry Christmas