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After approximately twenty years of working in a Swiss engineering company, I resigned as General Manager and decided at the age of 46 to study a bachelor degree at the South African Theological Seminary (SATS). A few years before this decision, I was offered the opportunity to join a church as a pastor.  The position brought me to a cross road and I turned it down to pursue my business interests.

Now at a new intersection, I chose to follow my passion. Although my decision to study Theology was primarily based on my passion for it, my dissatisfaction with corporate life and the negative impact it had on my life, were serious drivers to make a change. Three years of introspection and slowly peeling the off the onion layers was an enlightening and life changing experience - I manage to slowly peel away the faces that I have built to hide behind and for many years convinced myself that it is all worth it. However, there is a point where what we strive for in power, money, titles, fancy cars, etc to project that we are successful no longer has any meaning.


I received several business certificates from Damlin Business College (IMM) and a post-graduate diploma from Wits Technicon Management School. From a life experience point of view, the highlight of my education was the time spend at the International Management School in Switzerland completing an International Executive Diploma. I have completed a Bachelor of Theology, Honours and Masters degrees.  I am currently doing postgraduate studies in Theology at the South African Theological Seminary and an associate member of the academic faculty.


I was born in Lisbon in 1961, then imigrated to Mozambique with my family in 1964 and left to reside in South Africa in 1975.  I’m married to Isabel, have a daughter, Candice and an Amstaff called “Mubi”, that rules the household. The title of a man’s best friend is commonly attributed to a dog,  but Mubi cannot claim this title as Isabel is my best friend – nevertheless he is a gentleman’s dog. As I’m of the opinion that physical fitness and appearance are good contributors to mental health, I am an avid aspiring cyclist.