A Pilgrimage that adds meaning to life

A Pilgrimage that adds meaning to life


Jose de Carvalho


 As promised in my previous post I would comment on the ten plagues of Egypt before the Exodus event, more specifically the television programme which claimed that they were natural phenomena and not orchestrated by God – these are my thoughts:

It is true the plagues were natural phenomena that could have occurred naturally. Since all the plagues are common to that area, they themselves are not miraculous.  The miracle is how the phenomena is multiplied, all manifesting in that one season, with the exact prediction of their beginning and end and their limitation to just the land of Egypt.

 The 10 plagues

1 Waters in the river turned to blood – challenge to Osiris, the river god of Egypt

2 Frogs in the land – associated with the goddess Yeqt, the frog god of Egypt

3 Lice, mosquito’s, gnats

4 Flies

5 Live stock diseases – Hathor, the mother goddess of Egypt, the cattle god

6 Boils – a sign of a curse for disobedience from God

7 Hailstorm – destroyed crops, challenge to Isis, matron of nature and Seth, the of Egypt god of the desert and storms

8 Locusts finished what was left of the crops – a further attack on Isis and Seth

9 Darkness – a demonstration of Gods power over the son, the most potent symbol in Egypt and a direct attack on the Pharaoh himself, since he was considered to be the incarnation of Amun-ra the sun god of Egypt.

10 Death of the first-born – affecting the Pharaoh himself and finally capitulating and letting the Israelites go.

Paraphrased from Barker and Schultz (1988:739-740)

The miraculous plagues showed that God is supreme

as each of them was a direct challenge to one of the gods in Egypt. At each plague God demonstrates that the Egyptian gods specially Amun-ra, the  “Lord of truth, father of the gods, maker of men, creator of all animals, Lord of things that are” are powerless, as He is the creator and thus has power over all created things.

 If any of this enriches you, stay connected and travel with me as we migrate in this pilgrimage of finding ‘what adds meaning to our lives’.

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