Who is Jesus?

Lier, Lunatic or Lord


Jose de Carvalho

In amongst all the television documentary programs I have been evaluating there seems to be a common thread that is also common among intellectuals, namely an acceptance of the historicity of Jesus’ life and death; this is because it is futile to negate facts that are well attested in historical and legal sources. This includes the resurrection, as much as many find it hard to believe that it happened – that’s not relevant. The acid test is that there is proof by the authorities of the day and witnesses.  This post however is not about the historical, literary and legal testimony to support its validity – so I will move on…

 The problem for most is who is Jesus?

 Scholars have accepted certain facts: He was a good person, great moral teacher or a prophet. The dilemma though for most: He said He was God!!!!! So how can a good person go about deliberately deceiving so many about His identity? If you don’t believe He was God, then Jesus was a hypocrite and a liar, not moral at all, actually evil.

 If it is inconceivable for Jesus to be a liar, as many believe, then what? He said He was God, but many don’t believe that either.  Then He must have been a deluded lunatic – or in medical terms schizophrenic – because His lies cost Him His life. Many don’t believe this either, because His life’s testimony certainly does not attest to that of a disturbed man. He actually liberated others from these conditions through counsel and deliverance miracles.

 Like most I cannot conclude that He was a liar or a lunatic, the only other alternative is that He is who He said He was, namely the “Son of God”,The Lord.

 So you must make a choice

 “The evidence is clearly in favour of Jesus as Lord. Some people, however, reject this clear evidence because of the moral implications involved. They don’t want to face up to the responsibility or the implications of calling Him Lord”.

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