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“Be strong in your work for I am with you”

“Be strong in your work for I am with you”


Jose de Carvalho

It has been sometime since I last posted to this blog, but I can assure that it has not been through neglect.

What motivated me to do so now was a study on the book of Haggai. The book of Haggai addresses problems common to all people of all times and gives inspired solutions to those problems. The first problem he encountered was disinterest (1:1-15), the second problem was discouragement (2:1-9) and the last problem Haggai had to face was dissatisfaction (2:10-23).

The summary of the prophetic message of Haggai is that we should embrace the task assigned to us by God. We should not allow
difficulties, enemies, or selfish pursuits to derail us from our divinely given responsibilities. The noble nature of our calling and the promised presence of God and His Holy Spirit should encourage us to fulfil our commission.

The objective of this post is to enumerate practical truths from the book:

  • God and His work must take first place in the life of His people. This is the only way through which God is honoured.
  • Putting personal or selfish interests ahead of God is self-defeating.
  • God showers His blessings on those who put His interests before their own.
  • The significance of a man’s work is not to be valued by comparing it with the work of others, but by the measure of how it conforms to God’s will and purpose.

If any of this is interesting or enriches you, stay connected and travel with me as we migrate in this pilgrimage of life finding  ‘what adds meaning to our lives’.